Gordon Biersch and Baseball?!

Nats fans craving a local brew will be happy to hear that a new Gordon Biersch is opening within walking distance of the baseball stadium. Their grand opening last Saturday provided attendees with an ok_dsc0010opportunity to check out the space while tasting hors d’oeuvres versions of their menu items and sipping $2 drinks — all proceeds of which went towards DC Central Kitchen.

The new location offers plenty of space to eat, mingle, and enjoy the gorgeous spring weather by folding glass doors which provide easy access between the outdoor tables and the large central bar. The Gordon Biersch branch has five original beers on tap — from a light golden ale to a darker schwarzbier. Bartenders happily provided attendees of the VIP opening with flights of beer (which will be available during normal hours, as well) and were all smiles as they explained how best to enjoy each of their signature brews.ok_dsc0028

If you’re feeling a little dubious about the national chain, you might be surprised to hear that they actually have giant fermentation tanks on site for brewing their seasonal ales, which will be available in a few weeks for the new location due to the amount of time it takes to make the beer. They also feature beers from other brewers, including local favorite DC Brau.

Sad you missed out on the festivities? Never fear — Gordon Biersch will be offering happy hours twice a day every day, allowing folks to get their drink on before and after the baseball games. So, grab your season tickets for the Nats and get ready for the summer — It’s beer time!

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