Golden Triangle’s Golden Haiku Competition is Back

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Looking for an outlet for your COVID creativity? Now in its eighth year, the Golden Triangle BID’s Golden Haiku competition is an opportunity to share your prose while connecting globally and regionally with others.

This year’s theme is Daydreams & Musings, inviting poems that offer a sense of escape and reflection from many perspectives to create a worldwide community of mindfulness, hope, and joy.

This year also includes a new youth category that invites students to explore haiku — and perhaps become published poets.

Winning haiku — along with a selection of honorable mentions — will be displayed in tree boxes along some of Washington, DC’s most iconic streets as well as promoted online, and will be awarded prizes of up to $500.

You can submit your haiku via the form on this website. Keep in mind, Golden Haiku follows the Haiku Society of America’s guidelines for modern haiku, which does not require the traditional 5-7-5 structure.