Go Eat Give and The Mexico Tourism Board Celebrate Yucatan Culture

On April 21, Destination Mexico celebrated the culture and cuisine of the beautiful region of Yucatan in southeastern Mexico. The event hosted was hosted by Go Eat Give, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting cross-cultural connection and understanding through food, travel, and community service.

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Guests were able to experience traditional dishes and drinks to include panuchos, pavo en escabeche, cochinita pibil, and relleno negro. The event was held at the exquisitely decorated Mexico Cultural Institute of DC, which continued to add to the authentic theme of the night through vivid mexican artwork.

Ceci Morales (pictured above), explained that Yucatan’s traditional dress consists of three different pieces from which it takes its name: “Terno.”  She expressed that it takes around six months to craft one and it is completely hand sewing.

The first piece of her dress is called the ‘jubon’, a square flap of a little less than 8 inches wide that is attached to the “hipil”. The ‘hipil’ or ‘huipil’ is a white robe, loose from the shoulders to the knees. The third piece is the “fustán” also called “pic” by the Mayans.

To accessorize the costume, Morales says Yucatecas wear two necklaces, the first is made of golden prayer beads and the second is also made of golden prayer beads with coral beads in a double chain. Finally, women use colorful flowers in their hair, not just as an accessory, but also to show their marital status, depending on which side of the head she wears the flowers.

Live entertainment was also a highlight from the night including the musical styling of the internationally recognized voice of tango, Edgardo León (pictured below).

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Cesar Mendoza, Director of The Mexico Tourism Board, foresees more cultural exchange events for other Mexican sub-cultures after the success of the event.

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