Global Tree Projects Connects Through Environmental Unexpected

Overlooking the city at an intimate salon above U Street Wednesday night, Gail Montplaisir (below, left) and Norman Smith gathered friends to introduce the GLOBAL TREE PROJECT and meet artist Shinji Turner-Yamamoto (at right).

The Project, an international art initiative completed over the last ten years in India, Ireland, Japan, Washington, DC, and Finland, “seeks to make visible connections and similarities between plant life and humanity…” and help audiences to connect with nature in unexpected ways.

Like placing gilded folding screens with statues of Buddha in Japan.  Or installing a living tree above a decaying tree in an old abandoned church in America’s mid-West.

“There’s a beauty in how things crack,” explained Turner-Yamamoto.  “You can see beauty in nature, in the pattern of time.  And this shows the interconnectedness of life.”

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