Getting It Off Our Chests

“I used to the be the kind of person who most of my communication was done through text messages,” shared Christine Delucchi at The Woolly Mammoth Theatre Tuesday night.  “I’ll see you at 8… Can you pick up my laundry… I have breast cancer.”

Delucchia successful D.C.-based businesswoman and owner of 2 communications companies, was one of three speakers to share her story of breast cancer survivorship at The Moth‘s Getting It Off Our Chests, a non-traditional approach to raising breast cancer awareness… part testimonial, part theatrical show, part treatment meeting and all group therapy!

Delucchi spoke of her life and on-the-go attitude prior to cancer, literally sending a text message to alert her partner to the life changing event, and then detailed how she took treatment into her own hands, slowing down and eschewing chemotherapy in favor of a plant-based diet that helped lead her to recovery.

Three years later, cancer free, she’s also getting off her chest how she feels about her Father’s lung cancer diagnosis.  “I cancelled the trip [I had planned] to go spend that time with him.  Because a text that says ‘Dad, I love you, I’m thinking about you, hang in there’ is far less effective than me being there to tell him in person.”

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