Getaround Seeks to Topple ZipCar in DC

Getaround-App-Tesla-RequestGetaround, a peer-ro-peer car sharing concept, today announced its availability in Washington DC!  Launched in San Francisco in 2011, Getaround has experienced rapid growth in the last 2 years after implementing new technology is is looking to DC to spearhead its East Coast expansion.  Pre-launch, the company already has about 1,000 users in the area (and 30 privately-owned cars currently available through the app) and is looking to change the way Washingtonians get around this summer.
What makes Getaround different from other car-sharing concepts — and the impetus for its current growth spurt — is its “on-demand” aspect, or, put simply, no need for owners and renters to meet in person for a key hand-off.  How does this work?  Each car is powered by the companys proprietary hardware technology, the Getaround Connect™, which combines GPS, Bluetooth LE and keyless remote tech.
So this Memorial day weekend, think about getting out of town by renting anything from a Prius to a Tesla with the touch of your phone… or earn money every month letting someone else get use out of your vehicle when you don’t need it.   Sign up is free and insurance is included in every trip.
“Washington is a dream market for Getaround,” Jessica Scorpio, Founder of Getaround, told K Street Magazine. “We received thousands of pre-launch sign ups in the DC area.  This community told us they were ready for a new way to get around and we listened. Were excited to be part of the citys innovative transportation network, and to be empowering more Washingtonians to live car free.”

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