[Party Pix] Inside the Cathedral Choral Society’s GALA 1941

gala7The last Saturday in March saw the clock spin back to a time when the Big Band reigned supreme and the classic crooners Sinatra and Crosby seduced everyone with their sultry tones. It was 1941 and America was on the brink of war, however in DC, the Founding Director of The Cathedral Choral Society devised a way to bring the community together in tough times. The Society was created to foster a sense of spirit and joygala2 through the power of choral singing… and today, is now 75 years old.

What a reason to celebrate with the Cathedral Choral Society’s GALA 1941!

Reilly Lewis, the current music director for The Cathedral Choral Society, has been singing with the chorus in some form or fashion since he was eight years old. Over the last 30 years, he has watched the Choral Society grow and helped inspire new choral societies in other regions of the US. For Lewis, GALA 1941 wasn’t just a party, nor a time to look back on all the things they’ve done.  gala6Instead, the night was a time to be inspired and look forward to all the things they will continue to do.

So what made it a night to remember?

The Duke Ellington Orchestra entertained guests with classics of the era, with attendees doing their best to dance along from time to time. But obviously, the real showstoppers of the evening were the singers!

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