From H Street: Join the Club

If you’re looking for a whimsical portrayal of life in DC, join the Club… the H Street Country Club!

Of course you can’t really join, since this club is actually a theme restaurant and game spot, but you’ll enjoy some quirky DC digs as you tee off with your tequila.  This spot, controversial at first for bringing a new crew to the H Street corridor, is notably open to all and an equally great spot for a date, night out with friends, or catch-up with co-workers.

Before or after crushing some classic Mexican dishes (don’t all Country Clubs serve Mexican food?!) sharpen your skills at shuffleboard and skeeball, or head upstairs for the Club’s biggest draw… a 9 hole course – the only indoor mini-golf course in the District!

$7 may seem steep for a small crowded course of recreated DC landmarks such as The Awakening and Washington Monument (watch out for the climbing King Kong!), but we’d down one less drink for more time putting around the club anyway.  Coming soon: Watch for an outdoor course on the roof in time for warmer weather.

One thought on “From H Street: Join the Club

  1. Alex The Red Parez aka El Rojo


    Hmmmm, indoor mini-golf, eh? Sounds kinda cool! Might have to check out this joint sometime…

    Cool post! Nice! Thanks for the info!

    – El Rojo

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