FREE Workout Classes at the New ‘Blast’

BlastC-80BLAST — a new full-service, boutique fitness studio — is making its way from Atlanta to DC on March 19th.  To fete its first week of classes, BLAST will be offering twenty FREE classes Saturday through Tuesday, so everyone can check it out. That’s right… they’re FREE!

This studio is all about developing your own BLAST Profile, where you are guided through a cardiovascular assessment designed to gather information to create your ideal, individualized exercise program which maximizes your anaerobic threshold and heart rate training zones.

Throughout opening weekend, classes will also be followed by an overview of BLAST’s metabolic testing and nutrition programs. BLAST Profile Specialist and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist will be offering insights and taking questions on how you can optimize your health and fitness through proper heart rate training and good eating habits.

Expect all sorts of surprises and goodies over the weekend… including entry into a special raffle. (Class attendance on Saturday or Sunday is required for raffle entry and a winner will be drawn at the end of each day.)

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