FREE Corcoran NEXT Takes You from Art Student to Art Show

After studying works on the Corcoran’s walls for years, their work finally gets to hang there.  And you can see it… for FREE!

The Corcoran Gallery of Art and College of Art + Design presents the fourth annual NEXT at the Corcoran 2014 (April 10–May 18, 2014), a presentation of the thesis work of graduating students of the Corcoran College of Art + Design.  NEXT includes both work of the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts class of 2014 and the Masters of Arts degree programs at the Corcoran, shown in the main temporary exhibition galleries of the museum.

The six BFA majors—Digital Media Design, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Photography, and Photojournalism—are all represented in diverse forms of expression, including paintings, photographs, installations, video, animation, sculpture, and performance, reflecting today’s contemporary art world.

In addition to the visual exhibitions, visitors to NEXT have the unique opportunity to observe thesis critiques — discussions between the artists and their peers and instructors — to gain insights into the artists’ intentions and observe this aspect of the art-school experience firsthand.



Pick NEXT’s “Best & Brightest”
Wednesday, April 16, 2014; 7 p.m.
Free; Pre-registration encouraged at
Alumni know best! Join fellow Alumni and pick the top 12 artists in the NEXT exhibition. The student winners will then present at the annual “Meet the Corcoran’s NEXT Artists” on May 7.

Meet the Corcoran’s NEXT Artists
Wednesday, May 7; 7 p.m.
Join us for a lively evening of art and discussion as some of the artists featured in NEXT introduce themselves. Corcoran graduating students, chosen by a panel of alumni, each give dynamic, five minute presentations on their work on view in the exhibition.

NEXT at Noon Gallery Talk Series
FREE—see schedule of talks below
Talks take place within the NEXT exhibition galleries and will meet in the Corcoran’s center Atrium. Corcoran curators and staff moderate talks with selected students. Hear the students discuss their thesis projects in the fields of design, fine art, and photography, and learn about the process behind the design of NEXT from Corcoran Design Lab students.

Fine Art
Friday, April 18; 12 p.m.
Moderated by Sarah Newman, Corcoran Curator of Contemporary Art
Participating students from the fine art program discuss their work with visitors and Corcoran staff experts within the NEXT exhibition galleries. Sarah Newman, Corcoran Curator of Contemporary Art, moderates this discussion.

Design Lab
Friday, May 2; 12 p.m.
Moderated by Maria Habib, Corcoran Senior Director of Design
Maria Habib, Corcoran Senior Director of Design, moderates a talk by students in Design Lab—a course that offers undergraduate graphic design students the opportunity to design NEXT’s visual identity and to oversee its expression in print, online, and in the galleries.

Photography and Photojournalism 
Friday, May 9; 12 p.m.
Moderated by Kaitlin Booher, Corcoran Assistant Curator of Photography and Media Arts
Participating students from the photography and photojournalism programs discuss their work with visitors and Corcoran staff experts within theNEXT exhibition galleries. Kaitlin Booher, Corcoran Assistant Curator of Photography and Media Arts, moderates this discussion.

Graphic and Digital Media Design
Friday, May 16; 12 p.m.
Moderated by Antje Kharchi, Corcoran Associate Professor
Participating students from the graphic and digital media design programs discuss their work with visitors and Corcoran staff experts within theNEXT exhibition galleries. Antje Kharchi, Corcoran Associate Professor, moderates this discussion.

*Photo courtesy of the Corcoran College of Art + Design, credit Kate Warren (GoKateShoot)