FREE $50 Getaround Credit (Sponsored)

connectRemember Getaround, the peer-ro-peer on-demand car sharing concept that launched this year in DC?
What makes Getaround different from all of those other car-sharing concepts is its “on-demand” aspect, or, put simply, no need for owners and renters to meet in person for a key hand-off.  How does this work?  Each car is powered by the companys proprietary hardware technology, the Getaround Connect™, which combines GPS, Bluetooth LE and keyless remote tech.
As part of their efforts to help DC become car free, Getaround wants YOU to think about getting out of town in these last days of summer — by renting anything from a Prius to a Tesla with the touch of your phone.   Sign up is free and insurance is included in every trip.

And to further entice you to take an August DriveCation, Getaround is offering KSM readers a $50 gift credit.  Where will you go and what will you drive… or what will drive you?!  Grab your $50 credit here!

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