DC’s Boozy Summer Sips That’ll Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Ah, summer.  The season calls for cool sips, frozen treats and patio punches.  But while your outer adult may be up for elegant mixed cocktails or sophisticated chilled sangria, your inner child is really just pining for a popsicle.  And you deserve it.  That’s why we searched out DC’s venues serving the best boozy summertime sips that serve up some serious nostalgia.  Beware, they may throwback to your childhood, but legal age is 100% required!

Image provided courtesy Stable DC

How about that popsicle? Stable DC’s popular frozen summertime treat, the Schnapsicle, is an original-recipe concoction that combines popsicles and alcohol.  Made fresh in-house using European Schnapps, wine, and fruit, this year’s vibrant flavor offerings include apricot, raspberry and others boozy fruits. They even come packaged like the iced fruity flavors you so fondly remember.

“Boozy shakes are what adulting is all about. It brings back these summer childhood memories of a delicious treat, but now with a kick,” Crimson manager — and creator of its Georgia Belle boozy milkshake — William Cloonan tells us.  “It’s perfect for those who never want to grow up.” Milkshakes are quintessential treats, and this one is a delicious drinkable dessert of vanilla bean, cream, peaches, candied pecans and gin.

Image provided courtesy Light Horse Tavern

Old Town Alexandria’s Light Horse Tavern has an adult version of that Pacific Cooler Capri Sun juice pouch your Mom used to throw in your lunchbox — playfully dubbed the Capri Fun.  Made from a combination of Tullamore D.E.W., 99 Bananas strawberry shrub, orange bitters, and peach raspberry lemonade, the Capri Fun is served in a food-grade trapezoid pouch with a straw.  It’s perfect for sucking up spirits and sunshine.

Bocce and boozy slushies go oh-so well together at Vinoteca, where frozen drink machine dispensers — with constantly rotating flavors — intoxicate with temptation.  Hope there’s a fresh batch of Lime Zest Pina Colada on your visit.  Topped with a sparkling rosé float, this slushie is perfect for both day drinkin’ and daydreamin’.

Now if only we could co-opt “adult” naptime and recess…

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