Forum Flies High to Start the Season with ‘Agnes Under the Big Top ‘

Forum Theatre’s 10th Anniversary Season began with a performance set to the sounds of a city subway, and about dreams equally as forward in motion.

Agnes Under The Big Top is a “comic adventure” that takes the audience inside the lives of six dynamic characters, making you laugh, cry… and wonder what’s going to happen next!  Six stories of immigrant struggle — from a Liberian nurse, a Bulgarian one-time ringmaster and his wife, an Indian subway driver trainee, a nomadic busker, and a bedridden woman — take the audience through their own highs and lows as the characters deal with their personal pursuit of the American Dream.

With endearing optimistic attitudes though times of extreme misfortune, Agnes Under The Big Top reminds viewers of the privilege of life as characters battle cancer, poverty and the burden of their families living abroad.

The stage is equally as beautiful as the production’s purpose, with a set full of lighting and sound that truly takes you inside the depths of the speeding subway and deep into the souls of the six characters.

Splendidly written by Aditi Brennan Kapil and directed by Michael Dove, Agnes Under The Big Top, gives a bird’s eye view of these inspirational characters that leaves the audience walking out of the theatre soaring.

** And don’t forget!  Forum’s Theatre’s Forum for All Program makes it easy for anyone to fly high with Agnes by charging Pay What You Price for all walk-up tickets.

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