Flip Cup or Flippin’ Out

Some brunettes hosted a flip cup tournament last night at the Gryphon Room, to raise money for BVB/Alzheimer’s, of course. I have coordination, but I can’t play flip cup. I did stop by to show some support, but the winners must have vanquished early… all that was left are the remnants (at left), and some randoms groovin’ on an otherwise empty dancefloor at 10 pm.

If you weren’t here (or in Georgetown in general), you were probably at Current’s Grand Opening – not to be confused with the Friends & Family opening, the soft opening, the VIP opening, or any of the rest I’ve attended this week. 🙂 I heard it was a blast – but I’ll return when Rowdy Settles (Can you believe I actually have a friend by that name?! So cool, Rowdy!).