Five Reasons Not to Miss Out on Morton’s

New artwork at the Morton’s on Connecticut Avenue

Morton‘s might have started in Chicago, but this steakhouse is about as traditional DC as it gets. It’s equally a place to be seen as to supper, and (the Connecticut Avenue location, which KSM recently visited) is classic and elegant with recently updated decor that includes artwork and photography of the Capital’s iconic places.

With all of the new restaurants opening in the District lately, long-established steakhouses like Morton’s may regrettably be overlooked in favor of shiny new possibilities.  But to count Morton’s out would be a mistake.  Here are five reasons why Morton’s is still a Capitol favorite:

Bacon dusted bread at Morton’s

First, no one can dispute that the Connecticut Ave. Morton’s has one of DC’s liveliest Happy Hour bar scenes.  From 5:00 pm to close this place has some of the best people-watching on a raised patio that overlooks Connecticut Avenue and the K Street corridor.  It’s an extended power-house Happy Hour that convenes DC’s power players.

And because Morton’s does just that — exude meat and power — everyone knows it’s a place to get the best cuts just the way you like them.  There’s no corporate policy getting in the way… if you want it rare, it’ll come out that way.  May we suggest the Cajun Ribeye, medium rare?

Sure, it’s all about steak, but Morton’s also basks in all things bacon.  If you don’t believe us, just check the bread.  Yup, there’s bacon on it. There’s bacon in the greens, wrapped around the scallops and even some meat cuts, and Morton’s Nueske’s Bacon Steaks are — wow! — 12-oz. thick cut slabs of bacon with a honey-bourbon glaze.

The ribeye at Morton’s

Another reason to love Morton’s is that staff doesn’t just give lip service to making customers feel like regulars, it has ways to secure that you’ll be one! With 200+ premium wine selections, the restaurant is sure to have your taste in house, and if the GM decides you’re worthy, he may even invite you to keep your own in a personal dedicated wine locker in the lobby.

But this is our absolute favorite. Did you know that you could have all of this — the power, the plates, and the pampering  — at lunch for just about $30?! Morton’s 3 course lunch deal includes a starter (5 choices), main dish (4 selections), and a dessert (chose from 2) for just $31.50.  And yes, those meals can include the Ribeye and Prime Sirloin.

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