Seinfeld & Celebrations: RenDupont Holds 1st Annual Festivus

IMG_6059Apparently, the Renaissance Dupont Circle is up on its Seinfeld trivia!  At an intimate dinner at the hotel’s Dupont location Wednesday evening, General Manager David Child kicked off RenDupont’s own Festivus Celebration… a tribute to Seinfeld’s shenanigans as well as a holiday celebration that everyone can get excited about.

As a large projector in the lounge ran back-to-back episodes of the popular sitcom, VIP guests enjoyed a family-style dinner with all the fixings, including Chef Capilli’s jambalaya, and meatloaf with potato puree: “As George Costanza said, ‘Meatloaf holds the family together’,” Chef reminded everyone. So she made hers with a little veal variation — and promised it would be preferred to any ‘loaf that was loathed in childhood (We bet it’s better than anything from the 90s sitcom set, too!).

Yes, there were also candy bar cupcakes, éclairs and apple pie.  The Junior Mint cupcakes were a big hit… especially for all who join Elaine in selecting them as movie theatre candy favorites.


During the month of December, RenDupont encourages guests to join in on the fun and revel in “A Festivus for the rest of us,” (aluminum pole and all.)  Everyone can delight the same pre-fixe family style menu as described. In addition, nightly specials will be offered in the lobby lounge featuring mini reuben sandwiches, lobster bisque shooters, fried chicken bites, and butternut squash risotto balls. A percentage of the proceeds from orders will go to So Others Might Eat (SOME) & Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals.

And don’t forget the main components of the Festivus:


“The Festivus Pole”
As guests enter the lobby, they will be greeted by the hotel’s interpretation of the Festivus pole. Patrons are encouraged to pick an envelope from Festivus “Giving” pole and donate to two local charities.

“The Festivus Miracle”
In the spirit of holiday giving, the hotel hopes to create small “miracles” for two charities. Throughout the month of December, in addition to a portion of proceeds from Festivus beverage and food specials, all donations collected from the hotel’s Festivus Giving Pole will be given to So Others Might Eat (SOME) & Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals.


“Airing of Grievances”
Instead of airing grievances, the hotel created a special wall, located in the lobby, to encourage guests to answer “How Could You Make the World a Better Place?” and post their “grievances” on the wall.


“Feats of Strength”
A Festivus celebration is certainly not complete without a test of strength. Guests will have an opportunity to show their strength by hitting the carnival game, High Striker.

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