Phillips Collection & Park Hyatt Fete Exclusive Art Partnership

Cocktails and modern art might not be a common pairing… until now.

image4Since the summer of 2014, The Phillips Collection has teamed up with The Park Hyatt to bring art from their permanent collection to the mezzanine of The Park Hyatt. Guests and dining patrons of the hotel are able to peruse the collection on display at their leisure, with or without a martini in hand.

The conception of the partnership between The Park Hyatt and The Philips Collection is one that stemmed from the philosophy of the Pritzker family (creators of Hyatt Hotels) themselves — which is a desire to equip their hotels with objects they would want in their own home: In this case, precious art work.image1

On Wednesday evening, The Park Hyatt and The Phillips Collection hosted an intimate reception in the mezzanine to view the current collection in place at the hotel, “American Moments: Photographs from the Phillips Collections.” This exhibit holds seven reproductions of photographs from the museum’s permanent collection, which spans over 1,000 pieces, and encompasses several generations, from the 1920’s through the 1990’s.  At the event, guests were treated to a tour of the works by the exhibit’s own curator, Renee Maurer, who gave insight into why she chose each specific photograph for the exhibit.

While “American Moments” will only be housed at The Park Hyatt until next week, a new exhibit from the museum will be featured at the hotel every four months.