Bourbon Steak’s Tiki Throwdown

August 6, 2023 @ 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Bourbon Steak patio
2800 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
DC 20007

Bourbon Steak’s Tiki Throwdown is back! Showcasing esteemed past and present Bourbon Steak bartenders battling it out to be crowned the ultimate mixologist, this epic throwdown will take place on the Bourbon Steak patio from 4-7pm on Sunday, August 6th.

Guests will get the opportunity to take a front row seat for this boozy battle with local bartenders going head to head as they demonstrate building their signature craft cocktails. Guests will sample each contending beverage while enjoying passed tropical bites, and the results will be in their hands, with their votes determining the reigning champion of the night.

The competitor line up will feature Bourbon Steak’s Head Bartender Engidawork Alebachew, who will be defending his home turf by showcasing his “Fano” cocktail. Engi will be competing with industry experts, Jamie MacBain from Diageo Hospitality, Duane Sylvestre from Campari Group, Torrence Swain from Mezcal El Silencio and Greg Long from Allegory. Please see more details on each contender below.

Tickets are available for $100, with a 10% donation benefitting local charity Worthy Mentoring.




Engidawork Alebachew
Defending his home turf & representing Bourbon Steak at the Tiki Throwdown is Lead Bartender, Engidawork Alebachew, who will be showcasing his “Fano” cocktail.

Originally from Ethiopia, Engi had previously studied bioengineering before taking his place behind the bar at Bourbon Steak in 2010. Engi quickly realized his love for hospitality, engaging with guests and creating mixology magic, and embarked on a new career. Today, Engi leads the exciting cocktail program at Bourbon Steak creating innovative libations like the wagyu washed Yo, You Got Beef?!.

Duane Sylvestre
Hailing from the Campari Group, Libation Wizz, Duane Sylvestre, will return to Bourbon Steak to whip up his “Selassie” cocktail and protect his former title as Lead Bartender!

With 25+ years of beverage hospitality experience, Duane has an insatiable desire to learn and teach, believing that “raising the tide” for his industry peers benefits the entire food, beverage, and hospitality community. Prior to joining The Campari Group, Duane served as USBG DC Chapter President and led the award winning beverage program at Bourbon Steak.

Jamie MacBain
Coming in hot is The Potion Professor, Jamie MacBain, ready to throw it down at Bourbon Steak with his “Spirit Animal” cocktail and defend his former title as Head Bartender!

A 30-year industry veteran, leader and educator, Jamie has worked at some of the most popular dining establishments in the nation’s capital, including Bourbon Steak. Jamie was also the past president of the DC Craft Bartenders’ Guild, and is currently the DC/MD/DE On Premise Manager for Diageo Hospitality Partnership at Enthuse Marketing Group.

Torrence Swain
Introducing Torrence Swain, The East Coast Cocktail Crusader who will be battling it out at the Tiki Throwdown with his “Malvado Dorado” cocktail and flexing his prowess as former Bourbon Steak Head Bartender!

Well versed in spirit knowledge, education and cocktail creation, Torrence Swain is a seasoned industry professional, having represented esteemed D.C. restaurants including Bourbon Steak and Farmers Fishers Bakers. Torrence is now a leader in the spirits industry, serving as East Coast Director of Sales for Silencio Holdings.

Greg Long
Introducing our fifth and final beverage battler ready to flex his “Right By the Beach (Boiiiii)” cocktail at the Tiki Throwdown, Bourbon Steak’s former bartender, Greg Long!

A true cocktail aficionado, Greg started his journey at Bourbon Steak, where he bartended for four years. He then plied his trade at Dante in New York, before returning to DC and calling Allegory home, where he’s whipping up some of the best, most creative cocktails in the country.


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