Art Crimes/ Gregg Deal & Joseph Orzal

April 17, 2013 @ 11:00 PM – April 18, 2013 @ 2:00 AM
The Dunes
1402 Meridian Place Northwest
Washington, DC 20010
 Joseph Orzal is a contemporary street artist whose work was shown recently at the Corcoran Gallery 31’s Ill Street Blues exhibition. Joseph has three new pieces in this show.
Gregg Deal’s work lends itself to social commentary for anyone willing to engage with it. This is especially true with his emerging Native American art that openly uses stereotypes and misconceptions to confront the viewer with large social statements. He has both new and not so new works in this exhibit, and will engage the audience in a performance piece.
Deal comes from a variety of artistic backgrounds, and this range is evident in his work. Though trained as a fine art painter, he spent the 90’s immersed as a graffiti and street artist and has held positions in the technical art of graphic design and sign making. With this diverse artistic upbringing, and a humorous and ironic attitude, has cultivated a style that is both insightful and meaningful.
Though he primarily deals in portraiture, other works range from typographical projects to conceptual pieces.

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