El Sapo Social Club Brings Cuban Food, Flair to Silver Spring

El Sapo (Cuban Social Club) is Cuban to its core.  

This new restaurant in Silver Spring will have you feeling Havana.  Expect music and mojitos, rum cocktails served in coconuts, and, of course, cuisine deeply-rooted in Cuban tradition.

El Sapo serves Cuba’s most popular dish, ropa vieja, and its national dish, puerco asado — along with lesser-known but very elaborate dishes like tasajo de chivo-tamal en cazuela, (goat “jerky” braised with honey and sofrito, creamy yellow corn casserole); rabo encendío (fiery oxtails braised with habaneros, orange and orégano); and bacalao con pán (fresh cod and tomato, stewed with capers and sofrito).

The “Social Club” gets especially lively around the restaurant’s 24-seat wraparound bar. Or you can bask in the fresh air of a (makeshift) malecón in warmer weather when El Sapo’s garage door windows open to let in fresh air for al fresco dining and lively people-watching. 

In Spring 2019, there’s even an outdoor Mojito Garden on the way! “Mañanas in the Mojito Garden,” will feature live DJs and musicians, mojito specials, and unforgettable Cuban style street food.

*All photos credit Mary Kong-DeVito

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