Eileen Fisher’s Confession at Marymount University’s Portfolio in Motion


“I’m clothes lazy!” fashion designer Eileen Fisher confessed at the 23rd annual student fashion show Portfolio in Motion at Marymount University Thursday evening, admitting that her main source of inspiration has less to do with the art of style and more to do with comfort.

“I started designing because I wanted to feel like I could function in a serious environment and be comfortable. Clothes should make you feel good and allow you to move in them.”

Fisher, named Designer of the Year at the university’s fashion show, doled out sage advice to emerging designers before the curtains opened: “Find out who you are and what you’re passionate about.” She admitted with a smirk, “It took a while. I was 33 when I figured it out!”

Even with her self-described “late start into the fashion industry,” Fisher has managed to find elusive fashion industry success while maintaining her commitment to women’s issues, a “personal passion.”

About the author: Casey Linsey

Casey Valerie Linsey is a newly minted Washingtonian who works as a nonprofit professional. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Loyola Marymount University and received a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies and Political Science. Blessed with a major sweet tooth, she savors ice cream and red velvet cupcakes (and dreams of eating just ice cream and red velvet cupcakes). With gluttony far in the future, she will focus on exploring what DC has to offer and making new friends along the way.

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