Double Play

When it comes to the Nats, I just can’t get enough. So when Keri Ann Meslar’s friends decided to hold a brunch and Nats game excursion in honor of her return to DC, I was so in!

Brunch at Hudson, outside on the terrace, was scrumptious – so yummy that we stayed much longer than we should have, and were late to the game! (A misdirected cabbie didn’t help us out, either. Who takes Constitution on a Sunday?? TOURISTS ONLY!)
Once at the ballpark we had to take a quick detour before heading to those fabulous seats Victoria Michael secured for us… to film a short commercial for the Nats. Let me know if you see it air!
Sorry we couldn’t make the Nats win for you, but welcome back, Keri Ann! (Pictured above, Colleen Morrow and Roby Penn couresty of Nats fan photos.)