District Gala Throws “Craziest Party [They’ve] Ever Hosted”

The District was a dance floor Saturday night.

The Fourth Annual District Holiday Gala at the Whittemore House in Dupont Circle gathered 300+ festive young professionals to deck the Holidays with a lengthy open bar, socially-inspired surprises… and some serious dancing.

The annual benefit for Horton’s Kids featured the likes of Kelly Jane McCormick, Tim McCann, Maria Crawford, Geoff Ryskamp, Jon Carpenter, Michael WangRory Finneren, Amanda Ohbayashi, Ruben Musca, Matt Cicinelli, and Erin Meadors grooving to the beats of DJ e2, using branded “Dare” cards to meet new friends, drinking from surprise champagne buckets, and a participating in a social media powered Best Dressed Gala Girl and Guy competition.

“It was the craziest party we’ve ever hosted at Whittemore House,” admitted the District Gala Events Director.  “I love it!”

*All photos credit Dustin Whitlow




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