‘Death Becomes Us’ Serves Scares Just in Time for Halloween

Drink Company’s signature Pop-Up Bar (PUB) experience is going frightful for Fall.  Just launched, the Death Becomes Us PUB is an all-new true crime-inspired bar that will feature three chilling vignettes devoted to some of the most heinous — and most famous — cases in history.

Death Becomes Us Cocktails at PUB 09/26/18. Photo Credit: Karlin Villondo Photography www.karlinvillondo.com

Serving scares just in time for Halloween, Death Becomes Us PUB is an homage to all manner of murders and misdeeds — unsolved to unspeakable — with decor and cocktails inspired by three infamous flashpoints from the past:

  • Black Dahlia (1947): The brutal murder of Elizabeth Short in 1947 is regarded as one of the first cases to garner nationwide media attention. Incredibly, the case remains unsolved.  
  • Salem Witch Trials (1690s): This infamous series of trials resulted in the deaths of 20 people — both men and women — for alleged witchcraft in Salem, Mass.
  • Elizabeth Bathory (16th century): Cited by some as the most prolific female serial killer, this Hungarian noblewoman’s claim to fame is torture and mayhem, including allegedly bathing in the blood of virgins to retain her youth.
The “Covered in Honey” cocktail

To bring these disturbing tales of death to life, the Drink Company team will transform its bars (one of which will retain its current identity as the GWAR PUB through Halloween) in typical over-the-top fashion.

“We placed ourselves inside the minds and times of this theme and painted this delightful menu using autumn as our canvas,” says Drink Company Head of Bar Concepts Paul Taylor about the PUB’s accompanying cocktail menu. 

Death Becomes Us PUB will be open Sunday through Thursday, 5pm to 12:30am and Friday and Saturday, 5pm to 1:30am and will run through November 4.

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