DC’s José Andrés Featured on NatGeo’s EAT: The Story of Food


Nat Geo TV’s new show EAT: The Story of Food is a six-hour miniseries that tells the story of how food has defined human civilization. Nearly 90 chefs, authors, food experts, and food scientists contributed to the series, including none other than one of Washington’s most celebrated chefs, José Andrés.

To celebrate its upcoming Friday night premiere, Andrés along with NGT Executive Producer Pam Caragol Wells, and primatologist and author of Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us HumanRichard Wrangham, came together for a lively a panel discussion hosted at the National Geographic Society HQ.

“GMO science isn’t the problem; it’s the companies who own the seeds,” noted Andrés, calling for greater transparency among the industry. The use of GMOs in our food, the the role of meat in our diets and the future of sustainable farming, were among the panel’s primary discussion topics.

Be sure to catch “Eat: The Story of Food” this on Friday, November 21 on the National Geographic Channel. You can also check out “FOOD: Our Global Kitchen” at the National Geographic Museum (1145 17th Street NW) until February 22, 2015.

*Image credit Lori Gardner, BeenThereEatenThat.com

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