DC’s First BitCoin ATM is Here

Bitcoin_ATMEggs, pancakes, burgers, milkshakes, and now Bitcoins ’round-the-clock.

The first Bitcoin ATM machine in the nation’s capital is now at The Diner in Adams Morgan.

“I see the Diner as the logical choice to test out this new concept,” explained owner  Constantine Stavropoulos in a release today.  “The Diner is the pulse of DC 24/7, a longtime DC institution, that serves all walks of life all hours of the day.

“All of our restaurants are community gathering places. The addition of the Bitcoin ATM at the Diner allows us to be the first location in DC where Bitcoin users can connect with this cutting edge technology while experiencing a traditional American experience, a diner.”

That’s great and all – but it won’t pay for your plate.  The Diner is not accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment… yet.