DC Vote Holds First Annual ‘Three Star Ball’

DC Vote held its first annual Three Star Ball last week at the NAR Building Rooftop, taking an opportunity to recognize a few individuals for their stand on equal representation for the Capital City.

Ed Krauze - Eleanor Holmes Norton - Daniel Solomon
DC Vote Chairman Ed Krauze – Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton – DC Vote Co-founder Daniel Solomon

Council Chair Phil Mendelson and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton were just a few of the notable attendees that showed up to honor entrepreneurial duo Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock (of DC Brau Brewing Company) and Nancy Bagley (of Washington Life Magazine) for their dedication to fulfilling the promise of democracy.

DC Vote Executive Director Kimberly Perry addressed the crowd in the name of #TaxationWithoutRepresentation, delivering powerful remarks regarding the importance of democratic equality for the District:

Christina and Dorian Mazurkevich

“More than half of all Americans don’t know DC residents are without equal voting rights. So we have a lot of work to do. But, with the energy and passion of young people like you, we can spread the word and mobilize people to act.”

DC Vote enlisted the help of Washingtonian activists José Andrés, Vinoda Basnayake, Dannia Hakki, Donald Sherman, Sarah Aburdeneh and Edward Smith to serve as the evenings hosts. “I do not want to see another generation of young people grow up without a voice… without a vote,” Perry said.

After accepting the “Raising the Bar Award,” Skall explained, “If history has taught us anything, it is that these rights were given to us for good reason. When these rights are withheld without due process, we open the door to a very scary reality. It is time to shut that door.”


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