DC: The Best Place to Start a Career??

It’s graduation season!!  The good news is that so many friends and family are finally donning those caps and gowns.  The sad news?  Youth unemployment is above 15%.  Just in time to freak out a little about these findings, the personal finance social network WalletHub released a report examining the Best & Worst Cities to Start a Career… to help recent graduates hit the “real world” running.

Admit it: You’re a little scared about how out fair city is faring.  Well, you shouldn’t be!  By the numbers, here’s how DC shakes out:

Career Prospects in Washington

  • 29th – Number of Entry-Level Jobs Per 100,000 Inhabitants
  • 28th – Arts, Leisure & Recreation Establishments Per 100,000 Inhabitants
  • 139th – Average 2-Bedroom Rent (ouch!)
  • 2nd – Monthly Median Starting Salary
  • 1st – Median Income Growth Rate
  • 12th – Annual Job Growth, Adjusted for Population Growth
  • 8th – Economic Mobility

Want to find out more?  See the full report here.

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