DC Shorts Returns in September

From “Steven Caught a Star”

If you don’t have the patience to watch a movie for more than an hour and a half, then this event is for you.

From September 10 until September 20, DC Shorts Film Festival & Screenplay Competition will return for its 12th season, showcasing over 130 cinematic gems that were carefully selected after reviewing submitted entries for months, from December until April.

From “We Have to Talk”

When it comes to film content, the chosen shorts vary greatly. Some shorts are very local, coming from the DC Metro area, while others can come from Atlanta, Georgia or Spain. Some material, such as “Hazel + Louis: Animal Agents,” can make you laugh a lot because celebrity agents seek out animals whom they think can become famous stars. Other material, such as “Christylez Bacon,” will leave you mesmerized as the art of beatboxing is performed before your very eyes. But the shorts can also take a serious turn, such as in “Everything Else,” where a romantic couple reached a difficult snag in their relationship because they disagreed over whether or not to have children. Or the animated film “Companion,” where the boy loses his canine friend.

From “Strongs”

This year’s festival once again gives the chance for filmmakers to have their works shine in the eyes of a large audience. Founder and program director Jon Gann said that the organizers, including himself, “try to strengthen the local film community.”

And to further strengthen your chances of enjoying them… DC Shorts this year offers several special film screenings, including Free Family Shows hosted at 8 DC Public Library venues, Free Lunchtime Shows, a unique collection of LGBT Shorts, and a special Date Night Program.

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