Dave Eggers, Kimsey Foundation Celebrate Creativity for Children

“It just screams spring,” commented one attendee.  The weather, of course, and all of those creative beginnings.

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Supporters Oona Buckley and Emily Delmont chat with 826 Program Coordinator
Dillon Babington

As the sun set on a beautiful spring Friday, DCers gathered on a rooftop terrace overlooking the White House and with some of the best views of the Washington Monument to mingle over wine and cheese and celebrate one thing — creativity for children.

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Tara Greco, 826DC Board Chair; Jody Warden from Target; Emily Gilliland from
Points of Light; Jackie Morris from Points of Light

The event was held by 826DC, a non-profit dedicated to fostering creativity and writing skills in grade school students. As a special treat, writer Dave Eggers, a co-founder of the national organization, flew in to attend. The chance to chat with Dave brought together 826DC board members, volunteers, friends, supporters—and people who just wanted to know more. “We’re hoping more people learn about [826],” said Tara Grew, the 826DC Board Chair, “That’s our objective.”

And learn people did. Tables at the event bore stacks of books written by the children in the 826 program for guests to enjoy, and volunteers in the after school program mingled, asking people what they knew about the program and explaining all of the great things they do for the kids.

Finally, Joe Callahan, 826DC Executive Director, spoke animatedly about the critical importance of 826DC in helping children in the city succeed and solving the huge gap in writing proficiency. He couldn’t say enough to compliment the staff and suggest how much it means to the kids—a few of whom snuck in towards the end of the event for a chance to meet him.

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