Dana Tai Soon Burgess Creates “Picasso Dances” at the Kreeger


The Diplomats of Dance Society, a new association of Washingtonians “promoting cultural diplomacy” in support of the Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company (DTSBDC) organized a special visit to DC’s Kreeger Museum on Saturday to see the company create their latest work “Picasso Dances” alongside the renowned Picasso collection there.

Allyn Moushey, Kari Jeanette, Christelle Gorman, Barbara Papendorf

‘Diplomats’ braved heavy snow to meet Burgess — recently named the first-ever Smithsonian choreographer-in-residence at the National Portrait Gallery, who tours extensively overseas with his company as a U.S. State Department cultural envoy — get an intimate look at him choreographing dancers in the Kreeger’s Grand Hall, experience a private tour of the museum, and enjoy a private Bijoot.com sponsored champagne reception afterwards in the museum’s contemporary art gallery.

Guest, Jenny Matta, Cecile Remington, Jean Schindler, Madalene Mielke

Following their rehearsal, dancers answered questions and spoke with the group about which Picasso paintings they were working with and inspired by, as well as their creative process for dance-making.

DTSBDC is set to perform the world premiere of “Picasso Dances” at the Kreeger on March 26th, with a reception to follow at the neighboring Spanish Ambassador’s residence.

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