Daily Show Comedians Call God’s Bluff During Inaug Wknd FunnyFest

“Now I’m not very familiar with the activity of jogging, but I feel like most decisions one makes before taking a jog are more along the lines of Adidas or Reebok, or shorts vs. spandex; not which side arm to pack,” quipped The Daily Show’s Rory Albanese on Texas Governor Rick Perry’s jog-time Coyote shooting.  “I mean, I’m pretty sure [football player] Plaxico Burress taught us all not to keep our fire arms in our gym wear.”

The current event antics hit hard Saturday night as Albanese and co-comedian Adam Lowitt dished out some laughs to a packed house at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue during their Inauguration Weekend Comedy Special.  No side was safe… and no political concern too high and mighty.

Like when they were all matter-of-fact about the Man Upstairs.

Albanese voiced his ideas about the current state of the evangelical agenda: “Why are they so against stem cell research? Do they really believe God designed the wheelchair? Let’s use stem cells to cure people of wheel chairs and then see if God decides to put them back in one. Honestly! Let’s call God’s bluff on this one!”

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