D.C. Quarter

I was pleased to report yesterday that we got our postmark stamp back, but today’s news is even better for those who have long paved the way for D.C. Statehood. (Not that coinage really means much, but incrementally, it’s a step forward, I guess…) D.C. is getting it’s own “state” quarter! By 2009 we can add D.C. and Puerto Rico to our collections!

Also in coins… Yesterday, I tried to give a new dollar coin to a tollbooth operator, and they told me they couldn’t accept European money. It has Sacajawea on it!

One thought on “D.C. Quarter

  1. I unintentionally tried to use a 1908 Libery Nickle at Quiznos and was told they only take US currency. It says United States of America right on the top!

    I did’nt notice it at first and decided to keep it as it may be worth more than a $.05 now.

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