Crime Museum Opens Newest Permanent Exhibit on Conman Bernie Madoff

He did the crime.  He’s serving the time.  And now YOU have access to original artifacts from the nation’s most notorious Ponzi scheme criminal.

Madoff Overall CaseTuesday morning, the Crime Museum unveiled its newest permanent exhibit, “The Bernie Madoff Exhibit“, featuring items from his personal life and business — like:

  • A handwritten apology note from Bernie to his surviving son, Andrew, with the original envelope
  • Madoff’s Wooden Snake from his yacht “Bull”
  • An original business card from Bernie from his office at 110 Wall St. (This was the location of the firm from the late 1960’s until 1987)
  • The master key that opened all of the doors at the Bernard L. Madoff Investment Madoff Letter in CaseSecurities offices at 885 Third Avenue.

“Madoff was considered to have committed the largest financial fraud in U.S. history and this exhibit shows the magnitude of that damage,” said Janine Vaccarello, Chief Operating Officer of the Crime Museum.

“The Bernie Madoff Exhibit” will be on display in the Frauds section of the Crime Museum, which also features ex-conman Frank Abagnale.

*Images courtesy Crime Museum

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