Coterie Goes Culinary in the Capitol

This club may about inspired ingestion, but its dinner parties aren’t allinclusive. 

Coterie (technically defined as a close circle of people who have similar interests) goes culinary in the Capitol, introducing a local members only dining club for eats experts willing to pay to play.

It may be pricey, but membership has its privileges: fun gatherings with other foodies, multi course tasting menus from popular area chefs… and direct dial to the same to bypass restricted reservations.

Founder Jill Richmond insists that flashing a Coterie DC membership card means “Interesting things. Fun surprises… Chefs see our offering as a chance to experiment in their own kitchens for dedicated diners.”

Currently connected to only a handful of restaurants in the city, membership is also an experiment in embracing a salon society.  

The monthly fee includes cocktail parties — “built in the model of a true Fireside Chat” — which are headlined by some super specimen to hold your interest, so far featuring authors (Dr. Justy Frank, Dr. Ogi Ogas, Eric Weiner, Derek Brown) but primed as well for entrepreneurs and politicians.

So while membership still won’t get you a table at MiniBar, the supping and schmoozing may satiate.

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