Contestants Meet the Italian Stallion at Premier in Vegas

Prooving the benefits of opening and responding to e-mail quickly, the Aladdin (Planet Hollywood) Resort & Casino offered the first twenty contestants that responded the amazing opportunity to attend the Rocky Balboa premier in Vegas last month. I think I got my response in about 10 minutes after the invitation was sent!
Admittedly, I didn’t know the first thing about Rocky, but I quickly did my homework – which was to watch the first of the series of Rocky films. Equipped with the background information, I was hoping I would be ready to understand the series finale.

We felt like stars on the big screen ourselves as individual limosines collected us from the Vegas airport for a whirlwind stay at the Planet Hollywood Resort. After a viewing of the movie (yes – it was very good – even for a Rocky novice… very good!) we mixed and mingled with such stars as Slyvester Stallone, David Hasslehoff, Carrot Top, Anthony Tarver, Boom Boom Mancini, and Robin Leach.
We all enjoyed ourselves so much!

Above you can see a picture of the twenty attending contestants before the premier and a picture of myself and one of my favorite contestants, Miss Virginia 2006, Adrianna Sgarlata.