Confucius Stuns at the Kennedy Center

20The expectations are high for any Chinese dance performance given New York-based Shen Yun’s ubiquitous Metro-area advertising campaign. But China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater’s “Confucius,” staged at the Kennedy Center’s Opera House January 13, 14, and 15, did not disappoint.

The show follows the journey of renowned fifth-century-BC scholar Confucius as he travels through China preaching values of ethical governance, honor, and benevolence to debaucherous leaders and a people racked by 40famine.

While screens on either side of the stage signal the start of new acts, the spirited dance and music effortlessly express the shifts in mood.

Simple but elegant decor highlights the gorgeous, flowing robes and dresses that flutter with every dancer’s movement; while the fabrics act as canvases for the auroral 51lights coloring the stage.

It’s an enchanting experience, and we can only hope that they come back soon for an encore!


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