Colombian Ambassador Opens Residence to Fête 25 Years of The Washington Diplomat

“There’s only one rule here,” insisted Colombian Ambassador Francisco Santos as he invited guests to his residence last week to celebrate The Washington Diplomat‘s 25th Anniversary as well as the holiday season. “No business, just party.”

Praising The Washington Diplomat as a “trusted resource for the latest developments in the diplomatic community and international relations” with its “timely analysis, cultural sections and diplomatic newsletter,” Ambassador Santos welcomed a bustling crowd of revelers including Ambassadors from a dozen countries, Samantha Sault, Sean Spicer, Scott Thuman, Suzanne Kianpour, and R. David Edelman for dinner, drinks and dancing.

The night was diplomatic extravaganza — and a ringing endorsement — from the former journalist and advocate for free press whom The Washington Diplomat’s Victor Shiblie hailed as a “hero to journalism… whose passion led him to be kidnapped by Pablo Escobar for eight months.”

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