Cinco de Mayo at The Embassy Row Hotel

20170505_181847_1_bestshotIf Eventbrite is any indicator, Cinco de Mayo is a good excuse to celebrate and have fun!

On last Friday evening, guests attended a Cinco de Mayo Party at The Embassy Row Hotel did just that, going to The Rooftop for the festivities. The deejay played some tunes while groups of people hung out in the midst of pleasant weather, enjoying food and drink.

To mark the occasion, two margarita drinks, one with jalapeño and pineapple and the other flavored with strawberry, were being made. The one with jalapeño and pineapple had many layers to it: it was bright, fun, a little fizzy, sweet, boozy, and you can taste the pepper in it, though not as spicy as would have been expected.20170505_172212_2_bestshot

The food was a series of classic American favorites, such as the Juicy Lucy burger, Grilled Wings, and Street Fare Skewers (that are really kebabs). The cook, Wendel Morris, has his own special BBQ sauce, which you can order to coat your chicken wings! The sauce, which contains a few fruit chunks in it, is very well-balanced and has an addictive glaze.

20170505_181745_2_bestshotThe point of the event, according to The Embassy Row Hotel’s Sarah Crisafulli, is to mark the opening of The Rooftop for the season and Cinco de Mayo seemed a good day to do it.

As summer approaches, we are reminded to kick back, relax, and enjoy the long hot days of the season.


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