Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation Has a TAILGate

The Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation, in partnership with the Mark Hulkower Foundation, IMG_0329hosted its 2nd annual Hulkower Tailgate Party on Wednesday at the NFL Players Association (NFLPA).

Emphasis on the tail.

The fundraiser — aimed at raising funds for colon cancer awareness and research to find a cure for the disease — included a silent auction with trips, paintings, NFL tickets and jewelry… and lowest bids starting atIMG_0335 500!… all to help the organization that encourages us to “love our butts.”

The event brought together patients, survivors, families, doctors, and cancer advocates, like Nancy Hulkower, who formed The Hulkower Foundation in memory of her husband, the late Assistant US Attorney Mark Hulkower.  Stressing the importance of getting tested to help IMG_0350prevent future losses, Nancy and Mark’s daughter Annie spoke about the loss of her Dad after a moving video tribute.

But the night wasn’t all about loss and lamentations.  This was a fete for football fans!  Guests posed and chatted with NFL cheerleaders, coveted sports memorabilia, drank and ate — just like a traditional tailgate.

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