Cherry Blossom PUP, Irish PUBLIN Pop-Up… and Over-The-Top

PUB’s Cherry Blossom Bar 02/26/19. Photo Credit: Nicholas Karlin

The Cherry Blossom Pop Up PUB and its fairytale garden are back!

This wildly popular seasonal pop-up bar — and Instagrammable delight — created by Drink Company at 1843 7th Street NW always features a variety of Japanese inspired cocktails with thoughtful flavor profiles, and this time also has a second ramen story… literally… with a menu of Uzu Ramen.  Yes, including that famous vegan miso ramen.

PUB Cherry Blossom Cocktails 02/09/19. Photo Credit: Nicholas Karlin

The pop-up sticks around just slightly longer than peak cherry blossom season might, closing April 21st, and only gets busier as Spring takes hold, so make your plans now. (Those lines get long, and the instas from outside aren’t nearly as interesting, obvi.)

But lucky you! Drink Company also has another Spring pop-up concept of gold at the end of their rainbow.

PUB’s Cherry Blossom Bar 02/26/19. Photo Credit: Nicholas Karlin

Publin, a “luck of the Irish” locale within the Cherry Blossom PUB will serve a menu of cocktail drinks reminiscent of the Emerald Isle (lots of Jameson, but sorry, no Guinness) and plenty of additional over-the-top decor.   No specific end date has been announced for Publin, but it sounds like the perfect place to be for St. Paddy’s… and every other day we wish we were all Irish.

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