Check Out This Local Dentist’s New Product for Your Whitest Smile Yet

smileswag2One local dentist believes she has the answer to your dingy smile dismay.

Dr. Mehrnaz (Alex) Naini is a celebrity cosmetic dentist and owner of Aesthetic Dental Spa in Vienna, VA, that took action when asked countless times by her patients just how to make their teeth look their whitest.

When even in-office teeth whitening treatments didn’t seem to satisfy, Naini considered that topical cosmetics may add some oomph to the pearliest of pouts.  So she created SmileSwag, a line of lipsticks, glosses – and yes, the ever-essential tooth whitening pen – to make those smiles really stand out.

Dr. Naini suggests you floss after every meal (duh!), but with SmileSwag, she says your lipstick won’t need reapplication!  The long lasting formula goes on like a liquid and dries matte for once-a-day-application and ease.

These products are cruelty-free, made in the USA, and the cosmetics come in a range of blue based colors (Shhh… that’s the SmileSwag whitening secret!).