Charlie Company Reunites for NatGeo Premiere of “Brothers in War”

Sonny Silva, Kevin Mohs, Yihumg Mohs and Kevin Wensing

It was a Charlie Company reunion Friday evening in the National Geographic Auditorium as National Geographic, the Vietnam War Commemoration and the Grateful Nation Foundation hosted a world premiere screening of “Brothers in War,” a documentary based on the book The Boys of ’67: Charlie Company’s War in Vietnam.

Produced by Lou Reda Productions and narrated by actor Charlie Sheen, the two-hour program is about Charlie Company, one of the last combat infantry companies to be drafted, trained, and sent to fight in the Vietnam War.  This “band of brothers” experienced horror, pain, misery, some happiness, and a lot of camaraderie that was evident on Friday night.

Erin Ketterer, June Layman, Linda Cockerell, and Christina Saragnese

Using a mix of interviews with the members of Charlie Company — many in attendance at the premiere screening — and digitally remastered archival footage (including home movies and personal audio tapes), the documentary recounts the soldiers’ experiences while stationed for a year in the Mekong Delta.

By war’s end, Charlie Company had suffered an over 80% casualty rate, with 26 killed and 105 wounded.  Brothers in War sheds light on the many aspects of war that the company faced — including what is was like to return home not to open arms, but to cursing protestors.

The survivors of Charlie Company still get together regularly, as they did on this night.

Brothers in War premieres on Wednesday, March 26 at 8 p.m. EST/PST.

*Lead Image Randy (ECHO Company) and Sandy Torres with daughter Tara

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