Charlie Chaplin Gets A Cocktail Bar

You may have seen Charlie Chaplin in his 1914 film Laughing Gas, but if you poured his performance in a glass… what would it have tasted like?  Ari and Micah Wilder, brother mixologists, would suggest hints of blackberry liqueur paired with Blue Coat gin and mixed in lemon laughing gas soda (house made with actual helium!) to summon the laughter while you sip. 

Chaplin might have been a silent star, but you’ll get the chance to gush out loud about the Laughing Gas… and the Gold Rush (Champagne, Montenegro amaro, peach liqueur, peach bitters and golden flake)… The Vagabond (Tom Cat gin, blanc vermouth, lemon bitters and tonic)… Sunny Side (three rums, orange Curaçao, cherry liqueur, Peychaud’s bitter and pineapple with citrus) … By the Sea (Speyside scotch, Porto, apricot liqueur, Champagne and lemon) and so many more of his classic films turned potentially classic cocktails when the brothers (alongside Armin Amin and Adrian Williams) open their new Chaplin Cocktail Bar this July.

Obviously named for the English actor and showcasing 1920’s era drinks with a twist, Chaplin Cocktail Bar is a two story nostalgic space peppered with film and entertainment artifacts, a private “Opium Den” and a quintessential “Piano Bar.”

Go for the cocktails.  Leave only after having a true cinematic experience.

Chaplin Cocktail Bar is located at 1501 9th Street, NW, 20001. 

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