Celebrations @ West End

I’ll start by telling you that it’s in the Ritz at 22nd and M. This is important because no one will tell you that. You’ll wander around the intersection wondering where it may be and when you finally find it, you’ll say… why didn’t they just say it was in the Ritz?!

My first experience at West End Bistro was wonderful because, as usual, it was a celebration. (Cami is blowing out her birthday candles!) I also had no idea that it had become the IT Monday spot… I ran into a whole town of people I knew at the bar (not literally, although I’m waiting for the day this happens).

While the place reminds me of something, I just can’t place it. I think the experience of a familiar feeling is part of West End’s charm. And a spectacular warm goat cheese salad doesn’t hurt either!
Happy birthday to Camilla and Nicki. Not bad at all for a Monday.