Celebrating International Beer Day!

Morgan Reid, Anna Steely, Ashley Lettich and Kara Manos

It wasn’t quite yet International Beer Day, but some locals really hopped to it!

Nicole Calkan and Claire Kelly

Cesco Osteria chef and owner Francesco Ricchi and DC Brau CEO Brandon Skall hosted an early International Beer Day celebration at Piazza Beer Garden in Bethesda Thursday night (the official day is today, August 1st), welcoming guests to an outdoor brew fest where they could sip on selections from around the world — like Franziskaner Weissbier of Germany, Murphy’s Stout of Ireland and the District’s own DC Brau Corruption.

Tucking into Cesco Osteria and Piazza favorites, attendees not only tasted a variety of new favorites, but also learned more about brewing beer with a presentation on the ins and outs of the industry.

*All images credit Len De Pas