Celebrating 125 Years of Heurich House in 90s Style, With Revival Brew

Ali Stevens, Stephanie Smith, Ann Kuo and Margaret Lee sport 90s style party tattoos at the Heurich House’s 125th anniversary

The Heurich House celebrated its 125th year with a 90’s themed backyard birthday bash over the weekend. The pay-what-you-can festivities featured tastings of the museum’s historically and scientifically accurate beer revival, Senate Beer, a DC hometown favorite originally produced by the Chr. Heurich Brewing Co., which the museum plans to release to the public this fall.

The house was finished in 1894, so to celebrate in 100+ anniversary style, there were 90’s party

Basel, Homam and Omar played cornhole in the gardens before heading in to taste Senate Beer at Heurich House’s 125th anniversary

favors, a birthday cake, sips from local brewery RaR, and 1994 Top 40 hits on the boombox. Guests were highly encouraged to sport 90’s threads, bring a lawn chair and a few friends, and spend an afternoon in the mansion’s great gardens — as well as tour the House museum, of course.

Guests wait in line to taste Senate Beer, an authentic revival of Heurich’s original brew

The Dupont Circle home was built for Christian Heurich, a German immigrant, local brewer, and philanthropist (1842-1945). He and his family lived in the home from the building’s completion until his wife’s death in 1956. All proceeds from this event benefit the preservation of the Heurich House.

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