Calendar Collision

Just looking at the calendar of events for the evening is enough to overwhelm me: The Smithsonian Young Benefactors party at the Australian Embassy, Amstel’s party at D’Acqua and afterparty at Josephine’s, the Sneakerball Friendraiser at BLT, a dinner party with friends at Neyla, Atila’s… Read More

Soon Night (French Website)

The French have their own lifestyle magazines and websites. Meet Soon Night. As short as my petit sejour in Lyon may have been, it sure was documented well! You can see the page and some of our fellow French party-goers at Cosmopolitan Bar here:,3,4,0,12,74805.html

Nats and Nightclubs

As always, a huge THANK YOU to Victoria Michael for setting up a great time at last night’s Nats game. We scored! We didn’t win, but we scored – and held the Philly’s to 2 runs. Left: Michael Clements, Lara Driscoe, Amanda Little, my big… Read More