Pageant Prep

Having play rehearsal every evening (yeah… and that darn Masters Thesis!) sure is making it tough to finalize my pageant preparations. I have only about two weeks before the big day! Most days I spend my lunch time in the tanning booth. I use the… Read More

Pageant Prep

All the preparations (and everything else) leave me little time to write about it! So… last week, I focused on make-up. I visited three make-up counters at the mall and asked three different experts to show me how they would do my face for the… Read More

Miss DC 2007

A Magical night has to end magically. And it did. I both dreaded and anticipated placing the Miss District of Columbia crown on my successor, but I was intent to enjoy the show until that time came. While the contestants competed in Swimsuit, On-Stage Question,… Read More

Practice, Practice!

(Photo credit, Joe Reblando) Entering pageant week, long production rehearsals are well underway. We are just days away from finding out who the next Miss District of Columbia will be! Pictures of the 14 Miss contestants and 4 Teen contestants are posted on the organization’s… Read More

Play Ball!

The Nationals won today, and I’d like to think it was because I brought them a bit of luck. I was honored that today was Miss D.C. Day at the Nationals! Miss District of Columbia’s Outstanding Teen, Elizabeth Payne, sang the National Anthem – she’s… Read More