The District Dish: 1776 DC

Because 1776 is where revolutions start.  1776DC is a local revolution — changing the way start-up companies come together and use the assets of “the most powerful city in the world.”  Donna Harris, co-Founder of this hot new concept and space explains more:

Digital Capital Week Kick-Off

It’s about making a connection – a digital connection.  Think that’s an odd combo?  Not had you been at Digital Capital Week’s opening party at Longview Gallery last Saturday night.  An eclectic mix of designers, developers, artists, musicians, hipsters and entrepreneurs, all coming together to… Read More

The Media Showdown

Wednesday night at the National Press Club, amongst a variety of other newsworthy events, two very solid authors, with very solid expertise and very solid followings, ventured onto some very shaky ground. Peter Shankman, famed of late for creating HARO (Help a Reporter Out) and… Read More

Ideas Needed

Writing an article on personality branding through social media. Are bloggers really just social climbers?Is it important to have a personal brand?Do mainstream employers really frown on MySpace and Facebook accounts? Send me your thoughts on the topic and any personal stories you want to… Read More